ART|NYC Summer Program

A Visual Arts Summer in New York

Studio and art history majors around the country are invited to apply to ART|NYC, an exciting and affordable way to experience the visual arts, from museum masterpieces to the latest gallery exhibitions, in a global cultural capital. Art majors have the opportunity to learn and to grow—intellectually, creatively, professionally, and personally—in a welcoming academic environment.

ART|NYC brings together a select cohort of fine arts students majoring in studio art and art history. The program’s designated studio building is our home base for creative work, meetings, and conversation. Each student pursues individual creative, academic, and career interests through directed study with faculty and mentors. Seminars and field trips will bring you face to face with current developments in contemporary art and innovative approaches to interpreting the art of the past. Express bus service and the subway provide easy access to the center of New York City. Additional transportation is provided for trips to art venues in the Hudson Valley. From the application process to the selection of courses and the completion of final projects, individual advising encourages the right choices for creative and academic achievement.

ART|NYC Summer is a two-course, six-week intensive program that emphasizes direct experience, with trips to area museums and galleries, studio visits, and conversations with visual arts professionals. Housing for ART|NYC participants is provided on the College’s wooded campus overlooking the Hudson River, just 12 miles from midtown Manhattan. In short, ART|NYC is your gateway to a lively, multifaceted, and enduring engagement with the visual arts.

Note: Students who enroll in ART|NYC should consult with the responsible advisor, counselor, or dean at the school from which they will receive their degree to ensure that credits earned in the program will be accepted toward their graduation requirements.