Opportunities to gain experience in the working world are integral to a College of Mount Saint Vincent education. Any time after the freshman year, students will be able to complete Oxley Discovery Internships, on-the-job, career-related experiences in a field of interest. Internships connect the classroom to the world, allowing students to transfer theory to application. Such experience allows students to explore potential careers, enhance their resumes, and forge professional connections. Oxley Discovery Internships may be within or outside the student’s major subject area, they “count” as electives, providing students with the opportunity to explore and refine career choices without “using up” area credits. Oxley Discovery Internships consist of 60 required hours for 1 academic credit, 80 hours for 2 credits, and 120 hours for 3 credits.

With the Mount’s proximity to New York City, a world of opportunity awaits. Students may find themselves interning at companies and organizations with global reputations, such as ABC Television, the New York Stock Exchange, or Mount Sinai Hospital. No matter what industry a student chooses, internships are merely a subway ride away.

Working in the World
College of Mount Saint Vincent students intern at a wide array of companies, organizations, and institutions. Whether you know what you want to be or not, it helps you to build the skills–and the plan–to discover your best options and launch your career.

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