Degree Requirements

The program requires completion of 65 credits:

Semester 1
NURS 109A Professional Role 3 credits
NURS 119A Health Promotion 3 credits
NURS 219A Health Assessment 3 credits
NURS 229A Concepts of Nursing 4 credits
BIOL 333A Pathophysiology 3 credits
PSYC 3XXA Lifespan 3 credits
Total 19 credits
Semester 2
NURS 319A Adult and Aging I 8 credits
NURS 329A Adult and Aging II 8 credits
NURS 334A Pharmacophysiology 3 credits
Total 19 credits
Semester 3
NURS 431A Nursing Family I – Maternity 4 credits
NURS 433A Nursing Family II – Pediatrics 4 credits
NURS 209A Theory and Research 3 credits
BIOL XXXA Bio-Genetics 3 credits
Total 14 credits
Semester 4
NURS 434A Nursing Community I – Psych 3 credits
NURS 436A Nursing Community II – Aggregate 3 credits
NURS 440A Preceptorship 3 credits
NURS 409A Leadership 3 credits
NURS 449A Nursing Seminar 1 credit
Total 13 credits
In addition to ALL prequisite and required science courses completed in the last 5 years of admission with grades of B or better from an outside institution the following criteria also applies:
  • All College of Mount Saint Vincent science courses (prerequisite and required) should be within 5 years of admission and a grade of B or better for acceptance or waived eligibility.
  • The ONLY nursing courses that can be waived are NURS 119A, NURS 109A, and NURS 209A with a grade of B or better and completed at the College of Mount Saint Vincent within 5 years of admission to the accelerated version of the Nursing program.